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Choosing Lenderse

Your Best Lending Partner Ever

There are some important criteria for choosing a Loan Management System 

thta you should know and We've got them 


High Flexibility for Your Business

Lenderse is extensible to different loan plans with various type of interests, helping you to go along with your business idea as best as we can. Our repayment calculation includes the calculation method of these various kind of interests and different repayment approaches. Hence,there are less limitation for loan origination on business operation which helps enhancing your customers' lending experiences as well.  

Solid Reputation of Our Company

Lenderse, as a member of FlexSystem, empowered by its knowledge and technology. FlexSystem has established for 30 years and maintained a strong reputation within the field. We keep contributing to the digitization of various companies and improving along with the society, by providing different solutions accommodating the need of companies. We provide system with high security for lenders to catch the latest trend of the lending market and are capable to integrate with third parties to enhance your loan management.

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Regulatory Compliances

Lenderse aligns compliances such as Hong Kong Monetary Authority Regulation, code of money leading practice and Third Party Compliance Partners such as Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Fast Payment System (FPS), etc, for management and documentation on business operation. Money Lender no longer have to worry the unintentional compliance violation when Lenderse keeps on updating and regulating compliance for your business.

Professional Team for Project

Our Implementation is executed, managed and monitored by our team members who are all PMP (Project Management Professional) certificate holders. We are experienced in handling project challenges and resolving problems. We concern and ensure about the deliverable of the project as well.


Serving Companies of Different Sizes

It is not an easy task to serve different sizes and types of companies, yet we managed to do so. By thoroughly understanding the obstacles our clients facing, no matter it is SME or large enterprise, we address their problems specifically and resolve them with our technology and experiences. That's the reason we served over 20,000+  customers, included Hong Kong Listed Companies, Macau and PRC companies.

Cyber Security

The products of FlexSystem pass the OWASP testing and penetration test, which assures clients of our cyber security management with confidence and evidence. Since there are guarantee of our cyber security management, there are a loads of financial institutions choosing us and highly recommended by them.

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