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Loan System

We are of your service, to use the least resource to increase you return


Risk Management 

Facilitate and improve risk management to prevent well-organised deceptive swindling! With the comprehensive all-round judgement in loan origination and the detail-organised workflows in regard to different loan businesses, there are no more worries and anxiety in operation. You got our back!

Aim to know more about how to manage risk during the loan origination process? Chat with our consultant!

The Lending's Insider

A simple technology company won't  satisfied you like we do. Lenderse is not merely a tech-savvy system in smoothing reimbursement operation, but also your competent partner with the specific domain knowledge of loan business. Assisting you with a comprehensive guide of handling different loan originations from end-to-end and co-evolve with the industry. 


Key Indicators Monitoring

Examine your business with the key indexes! Providing the visualised real-time data and report for your business review within a dashboard, analysing the repayment collection rate, bad debt rate and the cashflow, etc. Hence you can review your business with a glimpse.

Want to have a look on the dashboard? Request a Demo!

Digitalise and Transform

All you need are within a single platform now! Lenderse includes application handling, credit checking, repayment calculation and business analysis to facilitate a complete lending process. We also connected with various third parties for you to explore more possibility for your loan business, such as TransUnion.


Let See How It Work!!

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