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System Architecture 

Lend Smart with Complete 

Digital Process

Loan Application

Integrating Loan Application for Loan Origination

  • Website and mobile loan applications will be transferred to the system directly which lenders can track and manage multiple applications. 

  • With the data collection, lenders can customize loan product through with high flexibility.

  • By connecting with various third parties, extra and latest information about the loan applicant in financial record are provided (e.g. TransUnion crediting profile) for lenders's decision of the application.

  • Loan agreement is generated through system which can email with a password encryption.

Repayment Schedule

Repayment Calculation and Schedule 

  • Calculates daily Interest and monthly Interest of customized loan products and includes calculation method of repayment approaches such as “principal and interest” and “interest only”

  • 14 days rule is complied with our solution at the 1st period of each loan agreement automatically.

  • Repayment schedule, repayment history and the outstanding repayment  give a comprehensive view for both lenders and borrowers to manage and repay the loan respectively.

  • Managing and documenting compliance without worry, such as code of money leading practice, Hong Kong Monetary Authority Regulation Compliance, Employee Management Reporting, etc.

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Convenience in Collections

  • A SMS notification with QR code will be automatically send to the loan applicant as a reminder for repayment

  • Various channels are provided for disbursement to speed up the collection rates, including convenient store collection, auto-pay instruction collection, automated payment processing which is aligned with the salary day of the applicant, etc.

  • Base on the collections, Lenderse Loan System would generate an analytical collections reports and alerts for lenders to further examine the healthiness of the loan collection


Multiple Communication Channels

  • Various types email and SMS templates are prepared within the system for the lenders in accelerating the communication between lenders and borrowers.

  • Lenders can customized the SMS and email template via the system.

  • The email and SMS can deliver directly to the applicant through our system.

Communiction Channels
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Loan Report and Management Analysis

  • Lenderse Loan System offers a single platform with lend and collection analysis, such as 7 days repayment disbursement forecast, consumer credit, bad debt analysis, etc

  • With the recorded data, Lenderse Loan System provides an overview of the loan business performance, including interest income analysis, loan ability and cash flow analysis for lenders to have a comprehensive understanding of the business and modify the business along with the data provided by these reports.

Report and Management

Accounting Interface 

  • Data ​can sycn with FlexAccount or other accounting system with interface, which helps eliminating the possibility of error.

  • Convenient for business management and do not have to process manually between system


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Accounting Interface
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